User-friendly tools for advisors

With so many financial advisor software to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right software for your business.  Whether you need a CRM solution, financial planning software, insurance quoting, portfolio analysis, or all the above, there is a sea of options for financial advisors in Canada.

However, Equisoft has everything you need in one place with the easiest to setup, and most comprehensive suite of end to end tools to grow your book of business while helping keep you compliant. On top of this Equisoft has spent nearly 30 years perfecting our software to meet the specific needs of wealth and insurance advisors.

As an Advocis member you qualify for special discount pricing.

Advocis members also qualify for a 15 day free trial of Equisoft's Fund Compare tool.

What other products does Equisoft have to offer?


$80/month for Advocis members instead of $100

A CRM custom tailored to financial advisors with data feeds pulled directly from your MGA

Some recent product updates include:
•  A more compliant, internal notes feature
•  New gateways
•  An updated insurance module
•  A MailChimp integration
•  Advanced insurance & investment summary on the page of a contact file
•  Retention lock and tags in the document module
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$35/month for Advocis members instead of $52

Our FNA and financial planning software. Integrates with our CRM solution

•  Some recent product updates include:
•  Income splitting
•  Exclude an analysis from a plan and retirement projections
•  Explore additional contributions
•  Additional investment types added
•  New management of imported insurance coverage

Equisoft's Fund Compare


$70/month for Advocis members

Our brand brand new analysis tool available to everyone as of mid-October! Fund compare is a powerful platform that streamlines the process of evaluating and selecting the most suitable investment funds tailored to your specific financial goals and preferences. 


CompuOffice LifeGuide (Now part of Equisoft)

Life insurance quoting that helps you sell more life insurance.

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