At Advocis, we recognize diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity as a commitment.

At Advocis, we recognize diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity as a commitment.

At Advocis, we recognize diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity as a commitment.

As a national organization, we acknowledge that systemic inequity, oppression and unequal opportunity are faced by marginalized groups. We believe that our communities will be best served and strongest when we reflect our collective diversity. We are devoted to improving our efforts in recognizing, celebrating and encouraging the diverse backgrounds of our members and staff.

Why is Advocis focusing resources on a DIBE strategy?

As an organization we believe that all members and employees need to feel included and have equitable opportunities. We recognize that everyone’s experience is different and want to ensure that every individual is valued and respected. It is the right thing to focus on and will help lead to successful business outcomes.


Understanding each individual is unique in identity, it is important that our organizational make-up reflects various dimensions of diversity and that we seek to notice, understand and embrace these differences.
When each individual feels safe, supported, accepted and included.
Fostering an organizational culture where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work - especially what makes them different and unique. We recognize that our inclusion will support reaching our desired objectives.
Acknowledging systemic inequities that cause discrimination and prejudice, we recognize people have different needs and experiences. We will strive to design systems and processes which give people what they need to succeed and provide access to opportunities, feeling valued and being respected.

As we all come from different backgrounds and experiences, we recognize that this journey will look different for everyone.

Whether through active dialogues, being open to learning, listening with empathy or creating a space of respect and comfort for everyone, we all have a part to play in supporting this growth.
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Below are some of the initiatives that we will be undertaking in 2023:

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Implementing our diversity action plan within our Chapter Network
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Offering on-demand content for CE credits centered around diversity & inclusion training like our Why Diversity Matters course
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Creating community based partnerships to support FinLit in different equity deserving groups

We look forward to joining together to create a more inclusive environment for Advocis.
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